From the planning phase to the final walk through, our building process is designed to meet all your wants and needs. 

The custom home building process is meant to give you, the customer, control over every design aspect. We’ve heard the grumblings: that many custom builders don’t truly give you a custom home, and that the process is laborious and difficult.

Our goal since day one has been to change that mindset. We give you a one-year warranty because we know every “punch list” item may not get noticed within the first 30 to 60 days after you move in. From the planning phase to the final walk through, our building process is designed to meet all your wants and needs.

There are so many reasons to relocate to Athens, Alabama. Here are our top five. 

Athens is quickly becoming one of the most desired places to live in Alabama. Whether it’s baby boomers looking for a quiet community in which to retire or a young family wanting to raise their children in a safe town with good schools, Athens has something for everyone.  

If the last year has taught us anything, it’s the importance of a happy home and a healthy life. And the best thing about backyards is they have the potential to do both. 

Ways Your Backyard Can Benefit Your Health 

Just imagine it. A cool breeze dances across the back of your neck as you sip on your sweet tea. The buzz of honeybees whispers nearby. And the fragrance of freshly bloomed gardenias floats by. Springtime in Alabama is one of our favorite times of the year.

Whether it’s something as simple as a connected light bulb to total home automation, making your home “smart” has its benefits. 

It’s hard to live in today’s world without coming into contact with some sort of “smart” device. Devices you can control from miles away, ones you can talk to, and ones that talk back – it can seem a bit like science-fiction. But it’s just the Internet of Things (IoT), and that’s a key component of home automation and smart devices. 

Home automation can control your connected devices from anywhere with the touch of a button or a voice command. And as this technology becomes more affordable and easier to use, there are some great ways to incorporate it into your current home or your next build. 

A beginner’s guide to introducing and creating good energy into your home.

Feng shui may seem like the latest trend used by home makeover shows, but it’s been around for over four thousand years. So, what is it?

The literal translation means “the way of wind and water.” The philosophy of feng shui is a Chinese geomantic practice of arranging buildings, objects, and space to achieve harmony and balance between an individual and their environment. To boil it down, “how does the space make you feel?”

Your house may have way more storage options than you think. You just need to know where to look. 

Organizing can be overwhelming, especially if you’re only looking at the forest instead of each tree. Usually, it’s best to visualize the bigger picture, but with organization, it’s best to tackle it one project at a time. While there are many different ways to bring creative storage solutions into your home, you won’t overlook the following six suggestions anymore. 

How to make your house floor plans work as hard as you do with a multifunctional home.

Our homes have seen many trends throughout the decades, from the Art Deco movement and curvy furniture to brass fixtures and wood paneling to open concepts and home offices. Let’s not forget (or maybe we should) Artex walls. But 2020 was the year most of us probably got to know our homes better than we ever have–because we really had no other choice. 

We aren’t just living in our homes anymore. We are working, going to the gym, teaching a class, turning the silver screen into our tv screen, having playdates and happy hours all from one place. Never has the need for multifunctional homes been more apparent than it is right now. 

New, custom, forever, or wherever, plants have a remarkable ability to make any house a home. 

This is probably why so many people were eager to fill their spaces with them over the last year. Besides adding a bit of green inside, plants can boost productivity, improve air quality, and even reduce stress. And after the year we all just went through, who couldn’t use some of that!

But the best part about the following list of plants is they don’t mind if you’re not a skilled gardener. These are some of the easier ones to care for because they require minimal attention, watering, and some only require low light. 

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