While it might seem too cold for you to get anything done outside, that doesn't mean you have to hibernate and hold off on everything until Spring. Winter is the perfect time to do some home improvement projects - at least some simple indoor ones. You can even knock most - if not all - of these projects out in your PJs!

These five inexpensive and easy DIY projects will help spruce up your living space and make things cleaner and cozier when the weather starts getting chilly.

Winter can be a wonderful time of year to get outside and enjoy the beauty of nature. Between the rich blue color of the sky and the sparkling frost - or snow! - on the ground, it's a beautiful sight to see. Still, the chill in the air can make staying inside and streaming your Netflix queue seem just as wonderful!

If you're not a fan of colder temps or snow, you aren't alone. But staying cooped up for too long inside could cause you to feel that way!

If you find yourself stuck inside more often than you'd like to be, here are 15 ways to get outside this winter.

There are several important factors that go into knowing how to choose a home builder so that you're able make the right decision.

There are several important factors that go into knowing how to choose a home builder so that you're able make the right decision.

Let us start by saying that this is not a “why you need to hire us” article. We know we’re not the home builder for everyone nor is every potential client suited for what we do. That said, we believe that at the very least we can help get you started in your search for the best home builder that’s right for you.

When you're looking to buy a pre-built home, what you see is what you get. But if you’re purchasing a new construction home, the process of setting it up like you want is a bit more extensive.

Buying a home will be the biggest investment you ever make. And when your future home is nothing but a vacant dirt lot, it's not only okay to have a ton of questions but important that you ask them.

You might have questions about labor, costs, timelines, and other essentials before getting started. Or you may not even know what questions to ask.

But you don’t have to know everything to know that you would rather avoid major surprises later - and not the good kind of surprises. So no matter where you are in this process, the following questions will cover some essential questions to ask when buying a new construction home.

Buying your first home can be an exciting but daunting experience. While many factors go into buying your first property, the more informed you are, the smoother this process can be.

Here are a few things you need to know before taking the leap and purchasing your first home! 

A little outside the box thinking can help you host Thanksgiving like a boss this year.

It's always an exciting time when plans for Thanksgiving are in the works. For some of us, that may mean staying home with immediate family. Others may open their houses to friends and family just as they do every year or head out to enjoy the festivities somewhere else. 

Whatever direction you go, Thanksgiving is one of the better holidays, if not the best. All the great food and company (for the most part) of Christmas without the hassle of gift giving and receiving. If the gathering is at your home this year, host Thanksgiving like a boss. While the following tips won’t keep Uncle Harry from making a fool of himself, it will help create an atmosphere that could leave you hosting for years to come.  

Even though cold weather is weeks away, now is a good time to start thinking about how to winterize your house and lawn.

Alabama winters can be fairly mild. They’re more like grayer versions of fall. Of course, in years past, we’ve had some pretty harsh months in the November to February timeframe that have brought extreme cold and inclement weather into the Tennessee Valley. 

When such weather does arise, your first thoughts naturally gravitate toward how to keep your family safe. You may consider how it will affect local businesses and schools. If you’re like us, you’re probably anxious to see how many ducks and geese ride the cold front into the South.

Something else we shouldn’t overlook is the fact that temperatures hovering in the teens and twenties can take a toll on our homes. As we sit inside by the fire, pipes, spigots, and other exterior extremities can suffer greatly if not properly treated ahead of time. Knowing how to winterize your house can save you a lot of headaches and money. Taking just a little care now, before winter, can go a long way in maintaining the value and health of your home.

Things Your Dog Needs at a New House

You’ve gone through quite a few changes recently - and so has your dog. Your furry friend has moved to a new house (possibly for the first time), and you don’t know how he’s going to act, what with all the strange new people, places, and things around him. Many things might upset or confuse your dog right now, but having the right items with you will help you both adapt to these changes.

The following list is five items every pet owner should have ready when they move into a new home.

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