A beginner’s guide to introducing and creating good energy into your home.

Feng shui may seem like the latest trend used by home makeover shows, but it’s been around for over four thousand years. So, what is it?

The literal translation means “the way of wind and water.” The philosophy of feng shui is a Chinese geomantic practice of arranging buildings, objects, and space to achieve harmony and balance between an individual and their environment. To boil it down, “how does the space make you feel?”

Your house may have way more storage options than you think. You just need to know where to look. 

Organizing can be overwhelming, especially if you’re only looking at the forest instead of each tree. Usually, it’s best to visualize the bigger picture, but with organization, it’s best to tackle it one project at a time. While there are many different ways to bring creative storage solutions into your home, you won’t overlook the following six suggestions anymore. 

How to make your house floor plans work as hard as you do with a multifunctional home.

Our homes have seen many trends throughout the decades, from the Art Deco movement and curvy furniture to brass fixtures and wood paneling to open concepts and home offices. Let’s not forget (or maybe we should) Artex walls. But 2020 was the year most of us probably got to know our homes better than we ever have–because we really had no other choice. 

We aren’t just living in our homes anymore. We are working, going to the gym, teaching a class, turning the silver screen into our tv screen, having playdates and happy hours all from one place. Never has the need for multifunctional homes been more apparent than it is right now. 

New, custom, forever, or wherever, plants have a remarkable ability to make any house a home. 

This is probably why so many people were eager to fill their spaces with them over the last year. Besides adding a bit of green inside, plants can boost productivity, improve air quality, and even reduce stress. And after the year we all just went through, who couldn’t use some of that!

But the best part about the following list of plants is they don’t mind if you’re not a skilled gardener. These are some of the easier ones to care for because they require minimal attention, watering, and some only require low light. 

An open vs. closed floor plan concept really boils down to personal preference and living needs.

When it comes to deciding on open vs. closed floor plans, it really comes down to personal preference. Do you need an open area, where the kitchen, living room, and dining room are all one big space? Or would you prefer a little more separation between the three?

A house is, in some way, built from the inside out. Most of the time, you’re going to have a floor plan in mind first. Next comes interior amenities like lighting, counter tops, and doors. Followed by exterior aesthetics like brick, shutters, and landscaping. As a custom builder, we let you answer these questions (with any guidance you wish) when deciding on what type of home you’d ultimately like to have.

As work from home becomes a mainstay in the new era of jobs, might as well set up a cool office.

Working from home is the new norm. Even before the pandemic, many of us have jobs that would have allowed us to work from anywhere. Yet the corporate structure that has long dominated this country said otherwise. We shuttled to an office everyday or jetted to meetings around the country. We shared a communal kitchen where stale coffee and the smell of microwaved fish were commonplace; even though they shouldn’t be, especially the latter!

Of course there are pros and cons to just about every situation. The new work-from-home protocol has plenty of pluses and minuses. Many people have reported that without the distraction of coworkers and meetings, they’ve doubled or tripled their efficiency. Almost in the same instance, not getting face time with those valued coworkers has its downsides, generally from a collaborative standpoint. While Zoom is a great tool for some meetings, it’s not the same when you’re trying to bare down on a project with one or two other people. Human interaction is irreplaceable. 

So as we settle into a new era of work, there are certain elements to consider. Namely, where will you work at home? Do you already have an office or do you need to set one up? The following tips on how to create a cool home office can help you whether you’re starting from scratch or a work-from-home vet. You never know what little updates can enhance the whole experience. 

Even the nicest, most well-built house needs a little love to make it truly a home. 

Sometimes a house needs a little touch to make it a home. That means upping the comfort and adding some taste that represents who you and your family are. While we all have different tastes, the following five suggestions are easy ways to make your house homey.

A little outside the box thinking can help you host Thanksgiving like a boss this year.

As we begin to make plans for Thanksgiving this year, things could look a little different. For some of us, that may mean staying home with immediate family. Others, taking proper precautions, may open their houses to friends and family just as they do every year. There’s no right or wrong; you’re simply free to make those decisions on your own. 

Whatever direction you decide to go, Thanksgiving is one of the better holidays, if not the best. All the great food and company (for the most part) of Christmas without the hassle of gift giving and receiving. If the gathering is at your home this year, host Thanksgiving like a boss. While the following tips won’t keep Uncle Harry from making a fool of himself, it will help you spread your guests out while creating an atmosphere that could leave you hosting for years to come.  

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